Proposal - Invoice Change Requirement

The last discussions we had on the board of different local requirements of invoice formats made me think of a possible solution that could fit most of the present and future cases without doing everytime a revolution in Manager.

Here is my proposal.

The actual structure of sales invoices is the following:

a) input

b) output

My proposal is the following:

a) input

b) output


Everything that is flagged as “Net Total” will show after the “Total” and will be added or reduced from this amount. Just adding a flag you will be able to manage many kind of witholding tax and special localised invoice format.

By the way, the selection of “net total” should exclude the possibility to select any kind of taxation for the line.

I support this request. We use negative numbers on payment forms, invoices, etc to do necessary adjustments in the system.

For example, I use negetive numbers to withhold taxes when I’m making payment to suppliers. (In my country withholding tax is effected in the payment stage). The payment document is then sent to the supplier.

The balance of the supplier will zero out and the negative amount will end up in another liability account where I will settle with payment if I pay the Tax authority.
To show the adjustment/deduction after the gross would be a cooler presentation option. But this may affect how Sales tax and withholding tax is calculated if used on invoices. So if it can be implemented smoothly, I fully support.

I don’t think it will affect anything since it is only a different way of reporting the same data. It will use only a slightly different reporting scheme

@tut what are your thoughts about it?

I see that it might be an attractive concept to some. I have not thought through its potential ramifications or details of how these amounts would be posted. I can, however, imagine users misusing the capability for inappropriate purposes, trying to force results on paper rather than use good accounting practices.