Projects' Direct Cost Includes Purchase Orders

But this is quite confusing to me – summing of planned and actual costs together – and I assume that that’s the case with other users as well judging by this thread.

I remember another thread where some members asked for project budgets and I managed to get this :point_down:using a quick search:

If we can agree that POs are just planned costs until they’re actually invoiced, then maybe we can summarize all orders in a separate column called “budget” and call it a day.

To take it one step further, I think that a hybrid approach could be best suited since I acknowledge that there are some benefits to the method you propose @lubos. This method has three columns summarizing different aspects of cost:

Summary Column Includes Justification
Planned cost POs, SOs Purely for budgeting purposes
Incurred cost GL entries referencing project Purely for tracking what has actually been incurred
Revised cost POs, SOs + GL entries - double counting To refine the plans in light of incurred costs that hasn’t been budgeted

This looks to me like a win-win situation.