Profit % for share holder

I searched this question on the forum but did not get any clue

we are three share holder of the of the partnership deed. I have profit in retained earning account. So we i go make journal entry it does not show the actual amount in that account and when i select any share holder account after selecting the capital account it does not show anywhere that what % of existing profit to be shared with the respective share holder.
where in the Manger we set the parameters that there are how many share holder in the business what % of profit sharing they own and in what % they have invested.


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Manager won’t do this for you. You must maintain that information separately. After deciding among the partners, or in accordance with a partnership agreement, what portion of Retained earnings is to be distributed to capital accounts, divide that amount according to the percentages established in the partnership agreement. Then record the transfer with a single journal entry with one line debiting the total amount transferred and 3 lines crediting the amount going to each partner.