Production in a reverse way

Production in a reverse way
We have a factory for the production of stone and granite

We buy rock blocks and then we perform operations on them (cutting, softening, clearly and polishing) to come out as slaps with different thicknesses (each thickness has a price and cost that differs from the other)

How can I translate this reality on Mangar

Note: Our work can resemble the work of the gold jeweler who buys gold an alloy and then reformulate it and manufacture several products of the same alloy

I know that this question is before and has several topics, but I do not find a way for that

@Morhf164, what I understood from your OP is that you produce stone and granite the usual, straightforward way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please elaborate a bit more on what you mean by the reverse way.

Select an appropriate unit of measure for your raw materials inventory (rock blocks) e.g. grams to account for it by weight or cubic centimetres to account for it by volume. Then allocate this unit of measure in the production process…

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