Problems generating purchase invoices


I’m having problems generating purchase invoices from purchase orders, which I’ve been doing for years with no problems. All of the sudden, when I copy a purchase order to a purchase invoice, only the amounts are carried, not the description of the items, and more importantly, the wrong header appears: Item, Account (???), Qty, Unit price, Total.

I can’t get to the proper screen of the purchase invoices, with the Code and the Description, followed by Qty, Unit price and Amount.

I upgraded the software to version 22.6.8, and the situation is the same.

Please, help! :slight_smile:

Did you activate Line Description?
See also [Settings] - [Form defaults] - [Purchase order] and [Purchase invoice]

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Thank you so much!
I activated Line Description on the Purchase Invoice and it worked. I guess it’s a new feature to have the account options appear on the purchase invoices…
Once again, thank you.