Problem with column layout when generating PDF

When I convert to pdf the specific report while using English language everything is fine:

When I use Greek Language is not working as it should

While this could be a program bug, it might also be caused by improper coding in the Greek translation that is throwing off column width determination and causing text to wrap. @lubos will have to look at the translation to determine this.

Fixed in the latest version (17.11.16)

Thank you


same problem in the following, is from Sales Quotation.
Further more the header of the column should be alignment to center, as it was in previous versions


same happen to every form, can you please correct it

Thank you

I have changed the title to be more representative of the problem and moved this back to the bugs category.

Thank you @tut

Unit price and Amount columns have been always right-aligned. This is because content of these columns are also right-aligned.

But Quantity column header shouldn’t be broken in the middle as it’s shown in Greek translation. This is now fixed in the latest version (17.11.25).

Thank you