Problem differentiating an inventory item from non inventory item in item view column

I normally sell 120GB SSD Hard drives to clients, but today I needed to order one for myself - i.e. non inventory.

I copied the product name and details from the inventory item to non-inventory item, however, when searching for Intel SSD, it comes up with both the non inventory and inventory option. Other than renaming the one to have non-inventory in from of it, is there another way that the two items could be shown differently to determine which one is which?

There is not. But why create a non-inventory item for a one-time usage? And if it is for personal use, why not just order it yourself? If you want to go through the company for the sake of a discount or something, why not write it off to whatever the appropriate account would be for your personal compensation. (I seem to recall you do some magic with director’s loans, etc., so I can’t advise on the proper steps.)

I think of non-inventory items as things like standard service packages or items you frequently invoice but don’t hold in stock.

It won’t necessarily be for a one time usage. I will give you an example.

I sell computers to clients that are custom built. I also use custom built computers (with most of the parts that I sell, apart from one or two items that I would not likely sell to clients). So I have quite a few computers that are for company use, not for resale. Having the parts in the non-inventory section means that I can re-order any part again quickly, as I just go to the part in non inventory, copy the part code into the website and voila I can place my order.

Even for a one time order for some things its useful to have it in non-inventory items - for example if I ever need to buy another office chair like the one that I just bought, it is easy for me to find the part code in manager, but only if I have the entry in non-inventory items.

I think what I will do is just put something like NI for non-inventory items that are identical to inventory items for the moment.