Non inventory items

Can I add non inventory items as well as inventory?

You would go to settings and create Purchase Invoice Items for anything that is non-inventory.

Ok i purchased hats for example, now i need to make customer invoice for those hats but its not showing up so i can do that

If it is a physical thing like a hat that you resell, I would think you would want to use inventory items for those.

Non Inventory items are of two types ‘Purchase Items’ and ‘Sales Items’. These are really just an ‘alias’ that points to an expense or sales account. So when you use that ‘item’ the cost or revenue hits the appropriate account. I use purchase items for such things as office supplies, inbound shipping costs, and different services I buy. I use sales items for billing services, freight to customer. I would not use either for hats. Those are a physical thing I purchase, hold stock and resell.

If hats were an inventory item then hats would show up and be available on both purchase invoices and on sales invoices. If hats were (as it sounds like you have done) a purchase item then they will only be available on a purchase invoice. You would need to create a separate corresponding ‘hats’ sales item to bill your customer. Again, I don’t use these for things like hats but the example above ‘inbound freight charges’ is a purchase item I use and ‘Outbound freight charges’ is a corresponding sales item I use.

Hope that helps.

it does

ok worked out I should have done.

I had to make an item such as Contrac Blox an inventory item and also a purchase item, just have to select the right one when assigning either to inventory on hand or to Business consumables

Thank you for sorting out my problem. I can now split and allocate the same item on a purchase invoice to either inventory or to what I call Business Consumables - Chemicals. So we can definitely allocate purchase items to an account

Pls elaborate how to create “Purchase Invoice Items” as a lot of my purchase inventory goes into manufacturing as consumables.

Purchase Invoice Items as a feature no longer exists.

Inventory purchased for manufacturing would be considered as raw material inventory.
By using Production Orders, you can convert those raw material inventories into finished goods inventory

Purchase invoice items and sales invoice items were combined into Non-inventory Items. Create them under Settings. As @Brucanna said, when the purchased item is going into inventory before being used in manufacturing, buy it as an inventory item. Consumbable supplies, though, can be purchased as non-inventory items. If you use production orders, cost for such consumables can be added to the production order so the finished good inventory cost is more complete.