Printouts on Letterheads

I need to add empty space on top of my quotations, invoices, and payment receipts so that I can take the printouts on company letterheads.

How could I do that? Thanks.

Currently, only sales invoices can be modified by creating custom view templates. You will need someone to code a new template for you in HTML.

Actually, this one is easy peasy!

Right-click on the WYSIWYG invoice, sales quote, receipt, etc., when it is displayed on the screen in Manager. Select Print preview.... A dialog box will open (courtesy of Internet Explorer) where you can either drag the little top-margin handle [shown in red below] down or click on the cog-wheel button [shown in blue below] and specify your top margin numerically.

Your settings may or may not “stick” between print jobs or between Manager sessions, and they may or may not affect everything else you print via Internet Explorer. You can also try adjusting the margins before launching Manager, by opening an Internet Explorer window, navigating to any web page, and adjusting the margins there the same way.

(These instructions are for Windows. YMMV on Macintosh or Linux.)

Doesn’t work that way on a Mac.

Thanks guys. The solution given by Jon works on Chrome as well.