Printing invoice


I am using Smooth Navy template

  1. Invoice is printing in Letter page size (when using the “PDF” button from screen), although email is set up for A4. Is there any way to control that from template?
  2. I want to print a separate page after the last page of invoice with terms and conditions. This will be printed at the back side of the invoice (dual side printing). How can I do that?

No. Manager picks up paper size from Email Settings. But you should check your printer dialog box. It may be set for Letter, causing the printer driver to force-fit an A4 image onto a Letter-sized sheet.

You could put your terms and conditions into a custom field. Using HTML, ensure the field is long enough to always extend to the next page. The PDF generator will not break a custom field. The problem is that you will get another set of heading information on the next page.

A better solution is to use a custom theme and force the page break. That’s beyond the scope of the forum.

Goodmorning @Tut.
The email and the printer settings are set to A4. There is no setting to Letter size anywhere. The printing is still resulting to Letter size when pushing “PDF” button from invoice screen. The resulting document, when opened with adobe reader DC has page size 8,27x11,69 in and a message at the top left of the page in red that says “Unsupported file format”. The exact same document I receive as attachment when sending Email. When I push the “Print” button, the invoice is printing without any of the decorations the theme has (background color, lines between columns and rows etc) as the paragraph format is slightly different.
So, as you see, there are different results according the button pushed to produce the report, and none of them is the expected one.

These are the exact dimensions of A4 paper. So it seems Manager is producing the correct output.

Yet, if I understand you correctly, Adobe Reader is opening it. How, then, can it be unsupported?

Your statements are not clear. In the first post, you only mentioned printing a PDF created with the PDF button. In your second post, you mention pushing the Print button, but are you referring to printing directly from Manager’s View screen, or are you referring to printing the PDF? If the first, does the PDF look correct when opened and viewed onscreen? If the second, you have moved beyond Manager’s control. Printing directly from the View screen is under the control of your operating system and printer driver, which is already suspect.

OK. As it seems, you believe I lie.

So here it is:

I have prepared a demo invoice and printed it, sent it as email and produced it as PDF.
Email and PDF are exactly the same, while printed invoice is different.

Allways used the smooth navy template.

See for yourself

Again, email AND printer are set for A4.

Δημήτρης Κοντοδήμος

(Attachment PDF and Email invoice.pdf is missing)

(Attachment Printed invoice.pdf is missing)

Sorry, seems like I’ve sent you twice the same file with different name. This is the file produced with PDF and email.

Δημήτρης Κοντοδήμος

(Attachment PDF and Email invoice.pdf is missing)

PDF attachments are rejected from manager forum.

How can I show you what I mean if I cannot send you the produced PDF files?

Dimitris Kontodimos

No, I do not. I said your statements are not clear. Specifically, when you mention printing, it is not clear whether you are referring to printing the PDF or printing using the Print button. I addressed both possibilities

I don’t know if you are responding by email on are logged in on the forum. If by email, the forum rejects all email attachments. If you are logged in, you cannot attach files. You can only upload images by clicking the upload icon in the toolbar above the composing pane.

You do not need to show me any files. I understood perfectly what you meant. The information you have furnished suggests Manager is behaving correctly but that you have a problem somewhere in your operating system or printer driver. Can you try printing with a different printer? Can you email a form to someone else and ask them to print it? Can you install Manager on another computer and test it there?

I have exported PDF as JPG.
Answering to your questions:

  1. I have allways used the PDF, EMAIL and PRINT buttons from the application.
  2. The “Printed Invoice.pdf” is produced when I used the Adobe virtual printer. I have used “Microsoft print to PDF” virtual printer also with the exact same result, that is exactly the same as the actual printout to a Canon PIXMA MP610 and an HP Officejet 6960.

As you can see from the PDF version the logo is missing (maybe “unsupported file format” goes to logo file?)

From the printed version the logo is there, but everything else are different.

I will try to install at another computer, transfer the data there and produce the printout.


New update:
The logo was a GIF file. I exported it as PNG, deleted the logo from manager and uploaded the PNG.
I retried the invoice printing. PDF and Email are correct now. The PRINT button gives the same result as previously.

Yes, exactly. Your previous statements led me to believe Adobe Reader was telling you the entire invoice was in an unsupported file format.

I also note that the image of the PDF has the aspect ratio for A4 paper, not Letter. And you said Adobe Reader gives dimensions for the image that match A4 paper.

This image also has the aspect ratio for A4 paper, despite other problems.

The thing all these actions have in common is that they are totally outside Manager’s control. PDFs and emails are within Manager’s control, and they work correctly now that you have the logo format resolved.

What happens if you temporarily switch your language setting to English? A lot of problems have been reported with Greek that seem to be related to fonts. Also, make sure your software is completely up to date (v18.11.16 or later). Some of the reported problems were fixed by changing which fonts are bundled with the application.

New update:
I have done a fresh installation in another machine. I have transferred there the .manager files. I have left the language in English. I opened the database (by double-clicking upon it) and found the demo invoice.

I tried everything once again. PDF and EMAIL buttons produce the correct invoice printout, but the PRINT button produces the erroneous one, same as previous.

No virtual printers exist at the new machine, so I have produced only printed invoice.

Now, you say that PRINT button process is not controlled by manager application? What controls it? It is obvious that there is a different program called when pushed the PDF and EMAIL buttons and a different when pushed the PRINT button

I have a suggestion to make: Since this produces different results, try to call the same program that produces the PDF file and then send this pdf to the printer. If I had the source code, I might be able to help more.
So my work-around is to make the PRINT button obsolete and use only the PDF button and then print the produced PDF until the bug is fixed (because it is definitely a bug), except if you have any other suggestion to make.
I would appreciate your advice, if there is a visual editor for liquid form language.

Thank you

Your operating system and installed printer drivers. What operating system are you using?

This was actually done many months back. It caused a riot and the Print button was restored.

We really cannot say that, because no one else has complained or reproduced the problem. And the functions under Manager’s control work correctly. Situations like this are why the developer removed the Print button in the first place.

I have experienced the same issue. I noticed it because the PDFs I was producing directly from Manager and through emailing from Manager were not handling my custom font properly. As a work-around I tried to print to PDF instead, and while this solved the font problem it lost some of the background colours. I was in a rush and, although not ideal, it was a workable solution to what I needed at the time, so I didn’t bother to dig any deeper.

But, I still haven’t managed to create PDFs of my invoices that look the same as they do in Manager. (I appreciate that there will be some size changes to fit the output page dimensions, but I’m referring to fonts and colours.)

I’m using a custom theme. I started with Bold Gray and modified the colours, fonts, and some custom field placements. The font that was causing issues is Input, available at Let me know if there’s any other information that would be helpful in reproducing, describing, or solving the problem.

@GrahamvdR, your problem is different, I believe, and caused by the fact that Manager does not handle all font attributes. Nor does it deal with background colors the same way HTML documents would. Remember, themes are written in Liquid. I cannot say definitely what the current status is, but font support has been a moving target as the developer has tried to accommodate 70 languages, many with their own fonts. Fonts have, at various times, been limited to those in the bundle or open to custom specification.

The hard truth is that Manager should not be considered a graphic design tool. Those who get overly creative with their themes often have trouble. The focus has been on accounting features, not the ability to design exotic-looking documents.

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Thanks @Tut. That’s fair enough. For someone like me who doesn’t understand the inner workings of the many components in this ecosystem, it seems strange that I can get it looking nice on-screen in Manager (which I thought was the hard part), but it doesn’t convert effectively to PDF. But clearly it’s not so simple, which I guess is why I’m using Manager and haven’t built my own system. Still, I’ll remain hopeful that there will be improvements and at some point in the future the flow will be a little smoother and more predictable.

The screen display is a browser’s rendering of HTML. (Manager is a browser even in its desktop edition.) PDFs and emails are generated by an internal PDF generator. The two are not the same.


@Tut I’m not the only one after all. So, after your determination, it is really a bug.
By the way, the PRINT button is there. No one has removed it.

As they have been described, the problems you and @GrahamvdR reported are different. Yours appear to be related to your operating system or printer drivers. @GrahamvdR’s seem to be caused by use of unsupported attributes in a custom theme. You said you were using a built-in theme.

I meant it had been removed from previous versions of the program. As I said, it was restored.

@Tut, you can consider the incident I describe as irrelevant, or you can deal with it. It’s up to you. Me, from my site, I am trying to help by notifying you about a bug I have intercepted and the action I would have done as a developer, if I was the creator of the application. The only thing I can ensure you is that this is definitely a bug and not caused by the operating system or the printer drivers. As I have written, I have tried it with 2 different machines win 10 and win 7, 4 different printer drivers (adobe virtual printer, Microsoft print to pdf virtual printer, canon pixma mp620 and HP Officejet 6960), 2 different manager installations, one with Greek language setting and one with English. Every one of these had the same output, different than the one produced with PDF button. The common point of all these trials is that they are produced with PRINT button.

Dimitris Kontodimos.