Printed Documents in Desktop version 20.10.89

Are Printing the navigation path at the top of the document and an IP/key in the footer.

I don’t print hard copy invoices and receipts or payments often, so problem may have originated in earlier version. Anyway, looks terrible.

Example Header:
Example header from Payment
Example Footer:

I’m not able to check this right now. But in the past, this has been a browser preference issue for server and cloud users. It could be related to the switch to the Edge browser internally. Check those preferences.

If you have webview2 loaded, you have to go to further options in the print dialogue screen and untick the print headers and footers, from memory.
I got rid of it, too many hassles with manager for me!

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Thanks - Yup - Dug further into the print options and found the checkbox for header/footer and turned it off. This must be something to do with the switch to Edge/Webview2 - a new hidden gotcha. Thanks for the pointer.