Previous/next navigation in payslips functioning incorrectly

If I go to the Payslips tab, by default the payslips are sorted in reverse chronological order, with the most recent ones at the top.

However, if I view a payslip and then use the previous or next buttons in the top right to navigate to the previous or next payslip, I am shown payslips from the opposite end of the chronological list. For example, if I view the second most recent payslip and click on the left arrow to view the most recent payslip, I am shown the oldest payslip. If I view the fifth most recent payslip and click on the right arrow, I am shown the sixth oldest payslip.

Here I have clicked on View for the second payslip from the list above:

Clicking on the left arrow (circled in red above) for the previous payslip brings up the oldest one:

I haven’t found any other tabs that follow this behaviour, although I haven’t tried them all.

I am using the cloud edition, currently on

I can reproduce the behavior, the order of payslips changes mid navigation.

I am classifying this into bugs.

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Can you check again? The latest version (23.2.13) has this particular screen on upgraded Edit Columns concept so whatever was the issue, it shouldn’t be present anymore.

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Yes, looks like it’s fixed. Thank you!