Preferences > Application Data


I have a wee problem
when I click on Preference Tab . Data Folder
(C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Manager) It takes me to Local Disk:C not to C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Manager,
however I have put a link in Support tab which works just fine.
Any ideas on how I could fix my wee problem in Preferences tab.

Hope this is clear.

clicking on the link is not intended to take you to that folder, but only to enable you to select a folder which can be set as the application data folder for Manager. please make sure you do not unintentionally change the application data folder path.

I agree the interface does not behave in an intuitive fashion. Links elsewhere in Manager (and generally) take the user to the named location. I also clicked on the link expecting it to open that folder. To set the data storage location I would expect to click on a “Change data folder” link.

This behavior is consistent with other Preferences items. For example, when you click on the number format, the program does not take you to some page where the number format is found. It takes you to an interactive dialog box where number format can be selected. Likewise for date format, first day of the week, and application data preferences.

Hi there

Thanks for those comments. Interesting, up until recently when I clicked on this link it worked as I would have expected. Took me straight to the folder. Anyway, not a big issue.


You are right, that is how that page behaves.
It is different to other pages so Imo it would be better if that page stated “Click on a current preference setting to change” however as it has now been pointed out to me, I no longer need the prompt.