Possible to change invoice date to date?

is it possible to change the invoice date to just date ?

If possible how ? i checked the html still dont get anything related to that

You would have to do this with an if-test embedded in the for-loop that cycles through field labels in the header information table. When the Invoice Date label came up, you would substitute your alternate text. I would suggest that if this approach was not already obvious to you, you may need to obtain help from someone proficient in Liquid coding.

I have provided my answer below, but I am curious as to why you don’t want invoice date on the invoice. It would usually be more pertinent to have an “invoice date” as opposed to a simple “date” only field which has no relationship to anything. I know I would be asking: Is it the invoice date? invoice printed date? Invoice Entered date? Date the service was provided? It would be ambiguous without it, but realising you must have a use case for it:

What @Tut says is correct, the “best” way to do it is as described and I’m only a hack programmer and so for things like this I can take a shortcut (and not that I think that this is a bad shortcut), but you only need to make one small change to one line in the theme (it looks like you’re using the default theme.

Bring up a view of your invoice, select edit theme, go to line 18 (for me, I’d assume the same for you) and where you see:

                    <div style="font-weight: bold">{{ field.label }}</div>

change it to:

                    <div style="font-weight: bold">{{ field.label | replace: "Invoice date", "Date" }}</div>

You don’t really need to do any tests to see if it’s the right field because the replace command will only replace the first text with the second text. If the first text is not found, the original text is displayed in it’s place.

You don’t need to create a loop for it since that’s already done on the theme template itself

Here’s an example of what’s printed using the code from above:

proved to be a genius !
Worked perfectly
Thank you