Possible to avoid double-entries?

Hi Lubos

Can I avoid double-entry in my journal entries. As of now I can’t reconcile because all my entries show unbalanced and I cannot have a debit equaling my credit for each transaction. Please help

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To answer your question, you cannot avoid double entries. Manager is a double-entry accounting system. If you don’t want to use double-entry accounting, you should not be using Manager. If you don’t understand double-entry accounting, spend some time learning first. Try accountingcoach.com.

Thank you

Ok I did double entry on all of them, they are all balanced in green, I am trying to reconcile and put the ending balance (first time reconciling) per bank and it still won’t reconcile. I made sure there were no other entry anywhere, all matches, what could be the problem?

You will need to clarify what you mean when you say “it still won’t reconcile.” I presume you are referring to a bank account. Were all your receipts and payments into or out of that bank account? Was there a starting balance for the account? Did you read and follow this Guide on bank reconciliation: https://guides.manager.io/9235?

Most important, were the transactions entered in the Bank Transactions tab? You cannot enter transactions involving movement of money via Journal Entries in Manager. See these Guides:


If you are referring to something besides a bank account, what is it.