Bank Reconciliation issue

I am also new to manager,and love its capabilities,however I am unable to work out how the Bank Reconciliation Process, works , I have entered everything in, but my figures on my statement and the program are different, I am sure this is user error. Any advice on how to do a Bank Reconciliation would be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Personally, I would wait. (And I am.) @lubos is working on an overhaul of the reconciliation process that will involve simply ticking off deposits and payments that have cleared. Until that happens, you must enter a completely separate transaction to move something from the uncleared columns into the statement balance.

@ContractAngel, what @Tut is saying is correct but only if you record cheques or uncleared deposits.

If all your transactions are recorded under Statement balance column, then you can reconcile very easily today. See: Manager Cloud