Possible bug in tracking exception report

When I click on Tracking Exception Report in my Reports tab, the screen is headed Tax Audit.

The real Tax Audit page has only one guide available and here when I click on new report it gives me a screen to create a new Tracking Exception report, so it isn’t redirecting me to the wrong page.

Windows 10Pro 64bit, just updated Manager to 17.7.95 and it still shows the same.

I can duplicate this problem. The bug is only an incorrect title of the tax-exception-report-list page. I am moving this topic to the Bugs category.

updated to the latest version on the 30th and noted that this page title is still incorrect.

That is why it is still in the Bugs category.

Okay, sorry for unnecessarily posting

No worries. You can monitor status by the tag under the title. Eventually, everything tagged as a bug gets corrected and the tag will then be cleared.

Alright, thanks.

Fixed in the latest version (17.9.37)