Position Custom Field Column anywhere Idea

I would like to request a feature request that the program allow one to put the custom column before a default column if so desired.

What I want is the following on sales and purchase invoices:

Code, Product Name, Description and Quantity.

However what I am seeing is:

Code, Description, Product Name and Quantity as all custom columns display after description field and before quantity.


This would be possible only using custom HTML theme at the moment. Eventually it would be great if you could control where columns should be injected without resorting to custom HTML themes.


I will be using a custom theme anyway to put some brand colours on my quotes/invoices, so I can change that as well. No biggie. But ultimately would be nice to use Manager to re-arrange the columns.

quickbook does able to place it’s custom field in invoice template. but not extensive like manager however requires extensive programming language as well. ahahah

This feature will save a lot of effort instead of using custom themes for the same purpose. I hope to see it soon


Yes I Support @Ehab
This Feature is Time Saving especially for users Which are Not Well Versed With Programing languages Like Me.