POS link to Manager

I’m wondering, how to link Manager with POS invoicing.

Lots of discussions on the forum about POS systems - use the search tool

May you share a link. Sorry I’m a new user

I suggest starting with a forum search such as Search results for 'point of sale' - Manager Forum
That yields results like Point of sale (pos) Point of Sale , Point of sale , Point of sale , POS compatibility and many more

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Thank you

Not sure what you have already done. My suggestion for new users is

  1. Read the table of contents of the guides (so you know what information is readily available) Guides | Manager

  2. Try the search box on the guide table of contents page

  3. Create multiple test business in Manager to try out your ideas (Manager does not restrict the number of businesses and the desktop version is free)

  4. Try the search box on the forum

  5. Understand Manager help is via other users (unpaid), which is what the forum is for. The finer points of which means soliciting work is not allowed. Similarly having a go first is appreciated (the converse of which is expecting other users to do simple research for you is generally discouraged).

Guys it is a simple question that is being asked by a new comer wehbe91 The answer is “no” …. POS cannot be linked to Manager as there is no “out of the box” communication between Manager and POS systems.


Thank you. appreciated