Placeholders in recurring invoices

I would love to be able to add the current month in numbers or written out in full to the description in a recurring invoice.

For example, for purchase invoices I have a custom field to enter the vendor’s invoice number. Many vendors send an almost identical invoice every month, with their invoice number only changing with the number of the month. This seems like something that could benefit from being automated.

Another example, I send a monthly sales invoice for which I want the description to say the previous month, written in full. Again something that could benefit from having a placeholder in the recurring invoice template.

The things that I would like to have as placeholders (all counting from the invoice date):

  • The current/previous/next month, written as a number, abbreviated, or in full.
  • The current/previous/next quarter, written as a number.
  • The current/previous/next year, written as a number, or just the last two digits.

I agree completely, fantastic suggestion. This would save me time on recurring sales and purchase invoices.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the financial year is different in each part of the world, so Q1 for Australia is likely to be Q3 for USA. It’s an easy problem to solve, just raising it as a minor complication.

This maybe a general solutions which would address the general case Datepicker Defaults - Feature Request - #2 by Patch