Petty cash accounting


i will pay the amount to my supervisor, he will pay the wages to labor.

how to account it,pls explain.


You actually pay the wages directly to labour. The supervisor is just the messenger with the wages

i paid the amount to supervisor(from bank account), he distribute the wages by way of cash.

You are actually withdrawing the labour wages from the bank account, the supervisor is just the courier carrying the money from the bank to the labours.

The Supervisor isn’t getting paid, the labours are.

There is a difference between physically distributing the wages and accounting for it in and accounting program.

Have a look at the guides for Payslips:

Use the built in function to process the wages. It doesn’t matter how you give the money to the employee.

If you are asking something else, such as how to create a single bank withdrawal to match multiple payslip payments, you will need to be more specific with your question.