PDF Button Error

I hosted Manager Server on Linode.

When I click the PDF button on Sales Invoice, the following code appears. Not all invoice, some of them.

DocumentSaveException: Apitron.PDF.Kit.ErrorHandling.DocumentSaveException: Exception of type ‘Apitron.PDF.Kit.ErrorHandling.DocumentSaveException’ was thrown.
at Apitron.PDF.Kit.FlowDocument.Write (System.IO.Stream outputStream, Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.Resources.ResourceManager resourceManager, Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.PageProperties.PageBoundary boundary, Apitron.PDF.Kit.PdfStandard pdfStandard) [0x0008d] in :0
at ManagerServer.PdfConverter.ConvertHtmlToPdf (System.String input, System.IO.Stream output, Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.PageProperties.PageBoundary pageBoundary) [0x004e6] in :0
at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Pdf.Post () [0x0015b] in :0

I think this is due to some characters which are present on your invoices.

It’s essentially the same issue as reported here just a few hours ago.

I will probably need to see your accounting file to be able to reproduce the issue. Just to clarify, is your server edition at version 17.3.20?

Yes, I use some special symbol & HTML code <b>text</b>


Yes, the version is 17.3.20

Can you confirm if you remove special symbol you are using, PDF generator doesn’t throw an error?

Yes, if I remove those, it works fine.

So what are those special characters? Can you paste them here?

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OK, I see. For now, avoid those symbols. They could be supported in future but currently PDF generator doesn’t support them if you are using Mac or Linux (on Windows it should be working though)

Thank you for your concern.

Please, also note that-

It would be great if the saved PDF file looks same as they appear in web.
I am talking about the font family support.

I encounter similar issue, although these special symbols can be avoided, the Chinese character cannot be avoid in my case.

If I have only English characters, the PDF and Email functions correctly. But once it contains Chinese character, it shows

Apitron.PDF.Kit.ErrorHandling.DocumentSaveException: blabla

I am using a CentOS server edition, is it possible to solve this issue?

@lubos is there any plan to fix this problem on failing to export PDF with Chinese character?

hi, sorry to revive this old thread, I’m running into Chinese character rendering problem as well. In my case, it’s possible to export a form with Chinese characters to PDF without running into any error, but the output PDF file won’t show the characters correctly, screenshot included. I look forward to the resolution of this problem. image

@Xiaoli_Chen can you confirm what version are you currently using? There have been a lot of improvements to PDF generator to better handle fonts.

I had this problem, just return to basic report theme and it will be fixed, or have a local developer experiment with the reports

Hi @lubos thanks for the quick response!

I just installed and started to use Manager.io since this week, so I’m sure I have the latest version unless there was a major update within the last 48 hours…

However I found a solution for this, instead of pushing the PDF button, using Print and select “save as PDF” on the printing window will successfully export the document with correct language rendering.

I’m on the latest MacOS Mojave 10.14

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Manager advances very rapidly, with sometimes several new versions in a day. This is especially true when problems are being fixed, such as this one. I recommend that you update no matter when you installed.

That’s wonderful to know and kudos to the developers at Manager! I will update it more regularly then :slight_smile: Thank you!