Payroll Liability


I would like to break “Wages & salaries” account into more accounts, like for examples Bonus, Sales Bonus, Monthly Salary and so on.
How can I do this?

  1. Create those additional accounts via Settings - Chart of Accounts. If you don’t need " Wages & salaries" account then you could always rename it to “Monthly Salary”

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  1. Create Payslip Earnings Items for each one.

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Note: that even though the “Wages & salaries” account has been renamed it still appears as the same name under Payslip Earning Items

Thank you @Brucanna.

I have done this, the problem is when I create a new payslip with this accounts, nothing is show under the “Payroll liabilities”

Payroll Liabilities only relates to Payslip Deduction Items, not Payslip Income Items.

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Now its clear,

I have recorded deduction from employees for their provident funds into the payroll liabilities (I do not know if I was doing the right thing)
But when an employee is going to resign/end contract and that provident fund recorded in payroll liabilities as well as employer contributions for provident funds.
How can I clear those liabilities?

By making payment to the Provident Fund.

You may find it easier to create a BS - Liabilities account called Provident Fund and allocated that account to the Payslip Deduction & Contribution Items - then the balance on that BS account is payable to the Provident Fund.