Paypal linked to business account

Hi, I am new to the software and accounting so apologies! I have a small ecommerce business. I have imported my business account statements and also a business paypal account which is linked to my business account. The paypal account is used sometimes to accept payments for my products and sometimes to purchase items for the business online. When going through and categorising payments listed from my business account import, what should I do with allocating payments from the linked Paypal account? As these will be allocated on the imported Paypal account? For instance, I buy some software online using the Paypal account. This is listed on my traditional bank statement as ‘paypal’ but hen also listed on my paypal account as ‘software.’ I guess I’m asking how to best link these two accounts?

Do you keep funds (balance) in your PayPal account or does “every” transaction flow through to your bank account?
If every transaction flows through to your bank account - you only have to process your bank account as PayPal will always be zero.
If you leave funds in the PayPal account - setup PayPal as a bank account and Receive/Spend Money as normal. Then for any funds transferred use Bank Transfer.

Thanks so much for your reply, that really helps. Yes the funds just flow through the PayPal so I guess it doesn’t need processing. It’s just on the imported bank statements the PayPal payments are just listed as ‘paypal’ so I have to go through the PayPal statement to categorise each entry. When importing PayPal statement every entry is listed so easy to see what they are.