Payment to Suppliers

I have Purchase Invoices for goods received. How do I record the payment of these accounts? Or should I just enter information for Invoices and payments in Journal? Will they then be reflected as payments in bank, or do I enter payments in bank seperately?

Every purchase invoice is posted into an account called Accounts payable so to pay purchase invoice, you simply need to debit Accounts payable account somewhere in the system.

There are many ways how you can debit Accounts payable account.

  • You can do it in Journal Entries tab (this is useful when supplier sends you a credit note so you can apply it against purchase invoice)
  • You can go to Bank Accounts tab, click on bank account you are paying purchase invoice from and click Spend money, then select account Accounts payable.
  • You can go Purchase Invoices tab, click View on invoice you have paid and then click Pay money to supplier button.

There are a few more ways but these are the most common.

Thank you. :slight_smile: Journal entry didn’t seem to reflect payment from bank account so have gone to bank account to make payments :slight_smile: Love the program … very user friendly :slight_smile:

oh wow. Just followed your advice and went to Purchase Invoices, View … and hey presto!! SO much easier, and faster. THANK You. :slight_smile: