Payment received from customer did not reduce customer invoices

A customer made payment at the end of Jan to clear all his outstanding and was posted though not against any particular invoice(s). When you view customer statement the receipt is there but when you view customer invoices all the invoices including the ones supposedly paid are still showing up. And it is only this customer that has the issue, all other customers are not having it. Kindly help what could I have done wrong?

How can we all know what you’ve done if you do not show us…

My apologies.
The receipt was in respect of a staff. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Staff buy on credit recoverable through payroll. The payroll item to recovers this is Credit sales tied to Staff Salary Debit chart of account.
  2. Staff acumulates their credit in their customers account
  3. At the end of the month the equivalent sum of credit is recovered through the payroll. This gives two records equal and opposit: debit balance in the staff customers account and credit balance in the staff debit chart of account.
  4. At the end of every month a journal is raised to net off the two records by debiting staff salary debit withs its total value and crediting same figure to each and every staff customer account. This nil off the staff salary debits account as well as the staff customer account.
  5. One particular staff customer’s invoices did not clear out even though the credit entry is in his account. see the two screenshot below:
    a. posting interface (journal entry)

    b. entry appears as credit in the customer’s account:

c. Invoices still remain as is.The payment did not even match against any invoice

This is the situation. Even when I match the credit to one invoice, it only shows as overpayment for the particular invoice but the rest invoices remain unpaid.
Help needed.

You need to capture more of the Manager windows in your screen shots. It is impossible to know what lists or transactions you are showing, or what tabs they are from. And the lists do not include column headings, let alone breadcrumbs or other important information. Do not expect other forum members to figure out what you are trying to show. Tell us, and illustrate completely.

That way the particular staff customer may not be visible. A wider coverage of the shots:
a. The entry interface

b. The staff customer account where the credit shows up in the account even though it did not nil off the invoices

c. Customer unpaid invoices even though they are actually already paid


@Abanye, we are not making progress. Concerning your screen shots:

a. You have shown two different portions of one or more journal entries. We do not even know if they are the same entry, as none of the customer names match. If you are trying to illustrate something with this screen shot, show the entire Edit screen from a relevant journal entry.

b. You did not follow my request. You have shown the exact same screen shot twice. It is not useful.

c. Again, you did not follow instructions. You have two completely different screen shots. In neither case do we know what we are looking at. And we don’t know what their relationship (if any) is to one another.

Your subject for this topic suggests that perhaps a payment received from a customer did not reduce the balance due of one or more sales invoice. If that is, in fact, what has happened, you need to pick one transaction and follow it all the way through the process with screen shots, showing Edit screens, drill-down balances, and so forth. Remember, we see only what you post.

I assume you have you entered the staff member in both Managers “Customer” and “Employee” tabs?

How exactly are you doing this? A “Transaction” type “Payment” with a positive entry to their “Employee” clearing account and an negative entry to their “Customer” clearing account, resulting in a net about the Employee/Customer actually receives this month.
As was suggested here

Manger is designed to rarely need journal entries. I’m not sure this is the most reliable method for routine business operation actives.

When posting screen shots please include Managers screen title and the “Bread crumbs”. These are located at the top of each page in Manager and show what screen you have captured and how you got there. Examples of which are
For an Employee
title Employee

For Accounts receivable
Accounts receivable

For a journal entry
Title journal entry

Good day,
If you work with different currencies, you might be mixing your accounts when receipting. e.g a payment for US$ account posted to another currency account.

I think I have provided all the details I needed to provide. I provided screenshot and even explained where the shots were taken. Also the transaction was not posted in isolation, it was a batch posting and only this staff customer had issues.

However I had to post against specific invoices (which were many, anyways) and the problem is resolved.
Thanks all for your effort.

Glad you got it sorted.
Sorry I was not as helpful as you would have liked.
Which is probably not that surprising as as still don’t really know what you were trying to do, how you tried to achieve it, nor what really went wrong.
Hopefully you can do a better job of helping others if they have a similar problem in the future.