Payment receipt towards old invoices

There was a recent update in which the payment received towards a particular invoice will be deducted from that same invoice and if excess it shows ‘overpaid’. As for me it was much comfortable the previous method in which the excess payment will be directed towards the other invoices of the same customer. In that way invoices of a customer looks clean with zero balances instead of all negative numbers and it would give me a clear picture of the business he gives me.

If the present format is comfortable by other businesses then can you work for an option for us to choose the comfortable method ?

when entering a payment receipt, if you do not allocate it to any invoice, the excess payment will automatically get adjusted with other invoice of the same customer or supplier.

Hi @sharpdrivetek, does that mean if a customer only owes $100 for all invoices and they pay $120 that it will show as “overpayment” or will that extra $20 be applied to the special accounts area if the customer is set up for it. I assume that this application of funds to the special area would not not happen automatically, but would have to be applied manually.

If a receipt against a sales invoice that is larger than that invoice is posted to Accounts receivable => Customer => Invoice, the sales invoice will be overpaid. But if the Invoice is left blank, the receipt will be posted to unpaid sales invoices in order of due date. See Record a receipt | Manager. Special accounts are never involved because sales invoices are automatically posted to Accounts receivable and the customer’s subsidiary ledger.

ok. Thanks