Payment Processing Fees

In the interest of good accounting of every red cent coming and going out of business coffers… how do I reflect paying (losing) 2.7% of a sale to the fee charged by a payment processor like Venmo or Paypal?

I can invoice/receipt a customer for $100, but only $97.30 will actually make it into my business bank account. I want to note the loss.

Thanks for all the great guidance. There are so many valuable guides, its more efficient to ask for direction from the very knowledgeable community.

The Guides should be your first resource. Don’t impose unnecessarily on the time and kindness of other forum members just because it is “more efficient” for you. You will quickly gain a reputation that will undermine your chances of obtaining help when you really need it. Nobody is on this forum as a social exercise. All of us have our own businesses to run.

Searching existing forum topics should be your second resource. This subject has been discussed many, many times.

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