Payment Description

When we make a payment against credit invoice/invoices(to supplier), most probably we’ll make that payment to single supplier only(if I’m not mistaken), in the payment print form’s description area, it prints “supplier name – Invoice #0000” like that. Already supplier name is on top: payee’s name, then again in the description box it prints the name again and again for each invoice. My suggestion is instead of the supplier name in the description box again and again, it can be invoice number and description of the invoice.
(it is applicable to payment>accounts payable> supplier>invoice no)

Payee can be different from the supplier name.
for example, a supplier has two business names and he supplies you materials in both business names. in this case a single payment to the payee will be recorded with multiple line items allocating payments to different business names.

Also, @Shan, remember that transactions are recorded in the ledger on a line by line basis in Manager, even though they may be entered on a single payment form. Each transaction needs full information.