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Can we change the payer and payee contact in all our receipts and payments to ‘Others’ instead of customer and supplier, because when we select the customer in contact tab we can not add other customer or supplier in additional item line customer tab get locked to specific customer that we select in contact tab.
We are facing lot of trouble due to it as all our previous receipts and payments get locked to specific customer/supplier.

Please give us the solution on this ASAP. Please change the contact of all receipts to other.

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You need to select Batch Update, then paste into excel, go to the relevant column and change the words customer/supplier to other. Save and re -import. The contacts column (Paidby) in Payments is the one that you are looking for. Change customer to other. Then save. Select all all data in excel and paste into the batch update box.

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One important proviso - there are or were some issues with the date changing with batch update. So do a backup first before doing any batch update. This is always advisable anyway.

However, I am not sure if changing to other will fix the issue or not. The developer specifically changed the way payments and receipts works so that if you put a customer or supplier in the contact field (presumably under other as well), this would prevent you from editing the line versions.

The reason for this change (and I quote from the newsletter) -

I think that he did not anticipate that businesses would have legitimate need to have one contact as the payee/payer and a different contact for line items. But you will have to take that up with the developer. I don’t know all the user cases.

Changing the payer/payee type to Other frees you from the fixed relationship between the overall transaction and the line items. This is described in the newly revised Guides that were also mentioned in the latest newsletter:

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