Pay employee's claim using payroll

My employee using his own cash/credit card to pay for company expenses like travel expenses, company equipment, laptop and etc. For claiming purpose, I record his claims under expense claims, but will only pay back his claim together with his salary end of the month. Hence, I need to include it into payslip as well, but when I record on both side (expense claims + payslip) my company expenses will be double. Any idea on how to solve it? Thanks.

Don’t record it on both. First, make sure you have read and understand the Guide below:

If you have entered your employee’s expense claim using their name as it appears in the Employees group, the amount you owe them will be added to the Employee clearing account. You cannot, in fact, enter it directly as a payslip item. When you pay the employee, Spend Money from a cash account and pay them the full amount you owe, including both the payslip (without any expense claim) and the expense claim, that shows under Employees tab.

The important thing to understand is that the payslip records the amount you owe for work done. The expense claim records the amount you owe for company expenses the employee paid from personal funds. They might be combined into a single check, but they are separate things.

When you run a payslip by default the expense is registered in wages and salaries and the liability in the employee clearing account.

When you run expense claim the expense is debited and the liability in a liability account .

Don’t combined them, they two different things

When paying.
Go to Spend Money.
Select the two accounts.
And complete it
Print out the payslip for him.

Seems like both end up in the same account (employee clearing account) so select the employee clearing account in the spend money process.
You can split the amount into two and on the spend money page select the employee clearing account twice entering the Salary amount and the claims on the two different lines.

Put in a suitable narration and that it.