Past Year Account Payables

hi masters,
What is the proper way to enter past Account Payables?

If I use Purchase Invoice, there will be Inventory Items stock added, which should not be, because the items had been used up, 0 in stock.

If I use Journal Entries > Account Payable > Supplier, it’s quite close to what I need (to pay it one day), but when I try to pay it in the Receipts & Payments, I can’t choose which one to pay as there is no specific number e.g. Invoice Number.

Thank you

What is the exact source or reason for the payable?

hmm. so we just recently use Manager for the manual accounting work.

Unfortunately, that does not answer the question, so no one can answer yours.

The question is why you are recording a payable? Did you purchase something on credit from a supplier? Did you agree to provide a customer a refund or credit because of faulty merchandise? Did an employee earn a bonus under their contract?

sorry for confusing. I mean i just use Manager for an existing and running company. So that I need to record all the payables so that I can manage the cash flow to pay all the debts. That payables/debts are previously purchased inventory items that have been used up. So the only thing left is paying all the debts.

Are you saying that you are migrating to Manager from a prior accounting system? If so, you should read the Guides about starting balances.

yes, migrated, but from manual work, not a computer system.

ok, noted.

It does not matter what your prior system was. The fact that you were already in operation before using Manager means that various accounts would have had starting balances. So you will need to reconstruct what they would have been.

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