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I updated my software yesterday and noticed that the paid in full stamp has vanished from my purchase invoices. I have browsed through the various topics of a similar nature and am unable to understand how to reactivate it. Can you please guide me.


This is not something you can reactivate. There is code in the old-style built-in theme that puts Overdue and Paid in Full stamps on sales invoices. But it doesn’t seem to do the same for purchase invoices. I don’t know why.

Does this mean that this is a feature that is now removed?

Is there a guide that shows what are the new changes being implemented in the new release in order for us to know if updating effects us.


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Check the releases category in this forum. But not every change is explicitly announced. To look at only release notes, select that tag in the dropdown box:

is it possible the Stamp full paid on the center of the page instead on lower side of page .
we use A4 size paper with in each paper have two print but due to size short of paper the stamp not show paper Size 6’‘x 8’’


you can customize the custom theme, but it can not generate the things you want.

Actually, you could do what you want. But the programming is somewhat sophisticated and beyond the scope of this forum. Your question suggests you are probably not a programmer, so you will need to hire someone. If you search the forum, there have been some discussions about watermark and background images that are relevant.

There is a way out! Once you generate the PDF copy using the in-built button, it will open in your PDF application. There you can do stamping. Pl check!
I use PDF-Viewer (Free) as my default PDF app and it has features of stamping the way you want. However, for the stamps you mentioned, we need to make the stamp in PDF app.
PDF-Viewer has built in stamps like below… to name a few!
Customs stamps made by us are…

Stamp it and print, you will get what you want, I guess!

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