Paid in full stamp

Paid in full stamp. When an invoice has been paid, I go to the money received hit it and the paid in full stamp has gone. many of my customers need this receipt. also my vat number has vanished. I know I can add that in my business can I get the stamps back?

New themes do not show the stamp or business identifier yet. That was oversight on my end. The stamp will come back to the default theme over the weekend as it was before. Business identifier will be in all themes.


Thanks for the quick reply.
Much appreciated.

I must say I am impressed with the themes, but would it please be possible to have our logo displayed on all four, and not just two of the four

@lubos, I have noticed a couple of problems since I updated today. One as you mentioned is I have lost my ABN on my business identifier, but strangely when I email, I also copy myself. The email comes into my in box, but when I try to open the pdf invoice, I now get the same response when I hit the pdf in the programme, “There was an error opening this document, the file is damaged and could not be repaired”

@lubos, I was referring to emailing an invoice

@lubos, ok it must be a mac thing, the invoices going to my OUTLOOK in box regardless of my POP or Exchange account. The invoice is there and I can open in preview, but when I try to open with Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 I get that error message. I get the same in Apple mail, only the pdf invoice shows in the pane, but will not open

They will not open on my macs, but they open on my Ipad air2, and they open on my HTC one M9