Overdue Stamp

Before the new version roll out all my invoice’s had no overdue stamp now suddenly all invoice’s have stamps. I don’t use due date and i didn’t set a date the field still empty. Is this normal ?

Yes, as per release notes https://www.manager.io/desktop/releases/ it’s no longer possible to have an invoice which is not due. If due date is not specified, Manager will assume it’s due upon receipt which is assumed to be the same date as issue date.

Invoice which is not due doesn’t make much sense. If you need such an invoice, it’s pro-forma invoice, estimate or quote which should be created under Sales Quotes tab.

When customer pays, you can easily copy quote into invoice and receive payment on it.

This is to encourage people not to have Sales Invoices tab littered with invoices which are not expected to be paid by specific date. It creates inaccurate reports (e.g. inflating your income and assets) and making you think your profit is larger than it really is.

Thank you for clearing that up i thought it a bug at first silly me. I’ll just set a default date :+1:t4:

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