Options to add and create the items

Not sure what you try to tell us. When you would create inventory or non-inventory items you could select those from the item column. Maybe if you would familiarize yourself with the guides would help?

we can only get the saved information from the columns.

if we want to create customers or items we should go back to the customer tab and inventory tab respectively.

And for this you can right click and open for example the customer tab in a new window and keep it open. Whenever you need to create new customer you can do so form that tab.

@eko, it is clear-cut what @timeline is really suggesting - it means that the user of the system is to be able to add inventory items on the fly. Other lists also applies to this suggestion.
To my knowledge, this option - adding items or customers on the fly - is available most accounting programs. So, I would say that this is really time saving.


As mentioned you can do this by having additional tabs open. This request has been discussed extensively on the forum so they can as well close this topic. I only provided the way you can do this in Manager at the moment and do not have much hope this can be realized in future.

Thank you for understanding me

it’s just a suggestion, it’s up to you to add that option. anyway, I feel that it’s easy and time-saving.
thank you.

No, all such decisions rest with the developer, not forum members.

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thank you

u r welcom,@Timeline

it is correct @Tut