Option for making General Ledger Account inactive

Could you please implement the option to make a general ledger account inactive like customers and suppliers.
Businesses evolve, new GL-accounts are created, but obsolete ones can’t be deleted, so please introduce the options to make a GL-account inactive


Can you explain further? I don’t understand what you want…

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He wants to be able to remove an obsolete account from the Summary page or reports even though it contains historical transactions. For example, an expense account for machinery maintenance if the company no longer has any machinery to maintain, or a liability account for a loan that has been paid off.

I would like to have that option also.
It’s not about removing account numbers, but what Hennie says to make it inactive.
There is still historic information on it, so can’t be deleted.

The latest version (18.10.55) now allows to exclude zero balances from Summary tab.


Thanks for this option, but it is not what I suggested.
I meant this button to be implemented for making a G/L account inactive so that it doesn’t appear any more when in a selection-window.
Could you please consider this for G/L and maybe other aeras like inventory


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Yeah, I know it’s not what you meant. That’s why I didn’t move your topic from ideas category.

But being able to exclude zero balances from Summary screen is still useful and somewhat related to your idea.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

it’s very useful feature

This is really needed feature.

The inactive account should not appear in accounts drop down list but it should appear in the summary page and reports If its balance is not zero else statements won’t balance, just saying.

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In the latest version (21.4.21), you can make custom balance sheet and profit & loss statement accounts inactive.


Then it will appear gray in your chart of accounts.


The account will disappear as an option from dropdown boxes too.

would it be possible to implement this feature to Control Accounts and Group

Thanks @lubos. As said we cannot disable control accounts. Also it would be great to have the possibility under Summary and also under Reports to exclude inactive accounts like we can do with zero accounts.