Obsolete Custom reports after upgrade

Oh, I was a month or so behind on updates and now I have 30+ obsolete custom reports. It is a total nightmare.

I can’t even ‘group by date’ anymore. This is going to be weeks of work. Is there any thought to a utility to update prior custom reports.

Is there somewhere I can download an old version of Manager so that I can at least reprint one of each then start down the path of slowly rebuilding.

Is there any though when releasing upgrades as to how to maintain backward compatibility? This one is to be hones a disaster for me. I love Manager and don’t think I’ve logged a single complaint, but Ouch. Didn’t need to lose all the audit reports I built before an audit.

Unfortunately, they are simply gone once you’ve opened your data file with the newer version. And they would not be compatible anyway.

There is no public archive.

Historically, there seems to have always been a lot of thought previously. This is the first instance I know of where something vanished without warning.

I still don’t understand why old reports weren’t kept in a legacy section, given also the fact that the new reporting tools open many new great functionalities but still can’t cover all the reports that the old one could.

Tut - I have almost daily backups on a NAS. Public archive or not, if you or anyone (Lubos?) can find me an old version of the software I’ll find a backup file to go with it!

I’ll put the two versions on two machines side by side, view the reports and try to recreate them, although clearly some functionality has been removed - e.g. date field gone so can’t use as a group by.

I’m really at a loss here and greatly appreciate any help in tracking down an old version. I know my backup will have old data but at least I’ll be able to look at each report as a starting point to try to recreate on the other machine with current data and app versions.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, @alasdair, I can’t help. I don’t keep an archive of old versions.

See Releases · Manager-io/Manager.msi · GitHub
There is a full archive of all versions for all operating systems there

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Thank you Patch :slight_smile: