New user questions

Hi. Thanks for a great program which I have just started using. I have 4 questions which may have solutions I have not found.

  1. When receiving money for an invoice, all previous invoices appear in box to select from, even those already paid, with oldest one first. As time goes by this list will be very long.
  2. I have different Fixed Assets including Land & Buildings, Furniture, Equipment, and other specific assets. On balance sheet these all appear as one item. Is there a way to list some separately, and possibly group some of them?
  3. When receiving / paying money, there is a zero in amount box which often has to be deleted. Can this be removed?
  4. When adding a customised item to invoice, only new invoices after this was created have this item attached and old invoices have none or previous version of customised item. I can see how this may be by design but is there an option to change this.

No. 1: Yes, but future improvements in this area have been promised.

No. 2: This is a work in progress. Currently, you can create account groups, and eventually this may be linked in with the partially rolled-out custom control accounts capability. The difficulty right now comes with the fact that Fixed Assets is a built-in control account with subaccounts for each asset; the functionalities provided are not yet duplicable to other self-created accounts. Search the forum more thoroughly and you will find many discussions of this topic.

No. 3: You cannot enter anything in the Amount box. Manager calculates that from Quantity and Unit Price. The easiest way to enter these transactions is to tab from field to field. When you tab into the Unit Price field, just type the new number. You don’t have to delete the zero first.

No. 4: You question is not clear. What do you mean by “customized item”? If you are referring to something like default Notes, this is by design, because it would be poor accounting practice to retroactively change invoices already sent. There is no option to change this behavior. In general, throughout the program, things added affect future transactions. The only thing that comes to mind that is different is if you change your logo or business name/information. (There may be some others that different users will know.)

2.) This feature has been released today.

I downloaded 16.7.71 and set up custom control accounts for assets. I have noticed others have mentioned problem with accumulated depreciation on report. All my accumulated depreciation is in one figure. I have just downloaded 16.7.73 and problem is still there. Has this been fixed yet?
I presume when fixed I would have to do something to make it work such as more control accounts but I cannot see at present if I can do this.
Also is there somewhere I can see what version is latest available to download and what the changes are?

This was the first implementation of custom control accounts. It doesn’t cover everything yet. Particularly it doesn’t cover accumulated depreciation. Working on it…