New "QTY on hand" column confusion

Hello! Cloud user.

Excited about the new changes to inventory items, but a little confused.

As far as I can understand from reading the guide it functions the same way as the old “QTY on hand”. It doesn’t seem to work though.


Left is the old and it’s correct (the weird decimal is my ugly solution of making sure there is always something in stock for when pulling reports).

The right is the new and showing a massive negative value which isn’t correct. Some goods receipts are not shown in the new “Qty on hand”. I’m not sure if this is intended or a bug?

Have you tried drilling down on each figure to see what is and is not included in each now in your business?

Yes goods receipt.





Goods receipt is not showing.

Have you been using sale and purchase orders?
The implications appear to have changes with the recent update.

Yes we are using sales and purchase orders and invoices. I read through the update. Perhaps I missed something. From what I read the new “QTY on hand” is working like the old one, I think the reason there are 2 at the moment is just to make sure that old functionality remains incase there are bugs and issues.

I think there is a bug in this process. I know that the new “QTY on hand” subtracts Qty in orders from Qty on hand but when I drill down on the new “QTY on hand” I see that it does not count those Sales Invoices that are copied from Sales Orders.

I think the new one is for the calculation of sales orders and purchase orders.
It takes them into consideration as if they are real receipts and issue of goods.
It is like Quantities reserved in other accounting systems.
I still did not update my manager version so far because of it.
If you have 100 KG of a specific item and you recorded a sales order of 200 KG for a customer in hope of selling to them in the future, it will be reflected in the new quantity on hand.
Same idea for a purchase order, it will be added to it.
They can change the name for reserved Qty instead of Qty on hand.
Like Microsoft Dynamics.