New customer UUID and customer batch updating

I have a problem
i wan’t to create more than 100 invoice and this invoices all for new customers
i can create all this invoices manually, this method will take many hours to finish it
the another way is to create it by batch creating by getting every customer UUID but i don’t know the way to get the UUID for the new customers because there’s no invoice created for them
the point is how to get the UUID for a new customer and making the first invoice for the customer by batch creating?

Already for quite some time (so upadate your Manager version) you no longer need to use any UUID but this requires you to have at at least to assign: Customer code for each customer, Item code for each Iventory item, etc. There is no need for any UUID.

Make sure when creating new customers to add a Customer Code!

is there any way to update the codes for the pervious customer?

and how i get the last updates for cloud version

also i copied the batch create and i founded that UUID should be written also
could you explain how to create invoices by customer code ?

Yes, use batch update. Cloud version always updates itself several times per day. You can also restart the cloud server then any update will be immediately active.

You should first batch update the codes/ref numbers, not only for customer but for al items that otherwise would require a UUID. In batch create of the 100 invoices you then must enter the codes/ref number where applicable.