Negative sign on credit note amount

Hi, is it possible to show the “-” before an amount on a credit-note.

Please explain what you mean and describe your use case. If you enter a negative unit price, the Amount will be negative and show as negative on the completed transaction. But, by definition, a credit note applies a credit to the customer’s balance in Accounts receivable. Its arithmetic sign is understood from context, and a negative amount on a credit note is interpreted the same as a sales invoice, applying a debit. Whether debits and credits are positive or negative in the scheme of an accounting program is a decision made by the developer. They could be either, and programs exists using both approaches.

I just want to clearly indicate to the client that it is a negative amount. As you said both approaches are possible but in my opinion a negative amount makes more sense.

Well, if you are actually giving a credit to the customer, you cannot do that. A credit note is what a credit note is. If your customer is confused, send a statement.