Need help for monthly sales invoice number

Hi guys, currently my invoice number are at 200 since august until today, but i wonder how do i restart my invoice number i have read the guide and cant find out how to change it properly (i mean automatically without changing it manually) and im new to using this kind of program and i dont really understand what is batch and how does it work *if its used to create new invoice number batch for september.
Thanks alot in advance

@DAVIN_TANER Just uncheck the Automatic option on your next invoice and create the next series you want to begin with. The following invoice should follow through on the most recent invoice number you type in.

PS. Make sure that invoice number is set to automatic on your form default.

Batch operations have nothing to do with reference numbers.

You said you read the Guide. Which one?

Thanks alot!

i reading about the guide from the manager app its self. actually when i try to find the guide about reference number i seek all guide about sales invoice.
*ps i dont really understand about batch and how its actually used so i think it might be related.
THX anw !

@marofrancia this is not correct. Once you will check the flag back, Manager will start again from the highest number it will get in the numbering field.

@DAVIN_TANER I suggest you to put a prefix number. For example if you want to have a different numbering for each year you can put 2020000001 for the first one. The system will start numbering from that for all the following ones. Once the year will change you will write 2021000001 in the first invoice and the system will “restart” numbering.

In your specific case, if you need monthly you can use a format like YYYYMMNNNNNN instead of YYYYNNNNNN, ie 202009000001 for September.

One last thing. Please check if it is legal to restart numbering during your fiscal year in your country. You may have problems with your Tax Authority.

PS: Batch update has nothing to do with numbering unless you need to massively change all the numbering of your previous invoices. Again, please check if it is legal to renumber invoices but, in this last case, I think it is not. It is like deliberately manipulating your tax reports.

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@DAVIN_TANER, this is the Guide about reference numbers:

This is the Guide about batch operations:

You can also search the Guides on your own. See