Multiple dates in one journal entry

Changes in value is common cause, the recurring journal is a medium to ease the process. Take for example a monthly journal for salaries. This changes most of the time from month to month. The neatness of recurring is to NOT FORGET and to NOT having to fill in details from scratch each time.

You should use recurring payslips, @GerhardBez. Journal entries with multiple dates would not be appropriate.

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OK, but I was referring to the results of the pay run, to pass journal of the (monthly) totals to ledger: Dt Salaries Production X Dt Salaries Sales Y Ct Tax Witheld Y Ct Nett pay Z

To enter the entries for payroll, you should create a payslip - you can use one payslip per employee or enter the total payroll values if you do not need to keep individual employee information in Manager

Payslips post the necessary entries.