Multi Level Authorization

@AnBe, you have outlined a process in which the expense claim payer does not have authority to create a liability for the company. Yet an expense claim creates a liability. Therefore, the payer should not be allowed to enter the claim directly. It should only be entered after review and approval.

There is a difference between submitting an application for reimbursement of expenses and recording accounting transactions of a business. The latter should only be done by personnel authorized to do so and capable of determining whether the transactions are legitimate and have necessary approval. When approval authority is separated from those who take actions, such as employees incurring expenses they hope the business will reimburse, sometimes extra steps are necessary.

Manager does not have the ability to store pending transactions. Nor does it have any layered approval process. That has been suggested previously, and is in the ideas category. As you can see, I have moved your post and responses to it to the relevant topic.

Big Thread, and almost celebrating 3 years.
fully support this idea, feature and shall be implemented ASAP.

any transaction shall be approved by other user, specially for electronic documents which doesn’t require signature & stamp

user with access to create, edit can change things, and if you cant trace on the log, at least if the log section associated with each transaction could be easier to view who create, when, who edit, what was the edit

as of now manager is big risk if multiuser on the business

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Hello @Ayman
Do Not Be impatient About Implementation of this.
This is in ideas Category Because it is a great Idea And Improvement to Manager But Decision of Implementation is not yet Taken by @lubos ( The Developer ).

I fully Support This Idea And Agreed With @Ayman


I am new to this forum, but this matter is one of the first things I had to look into. This is definitely a feature needed in my company, too.

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i support this develop, because this function is needed in some company


Hi team,
We really need “work flow” feature in Manager

Please consider.


I am not a computer expert. I am a financial accounting expert. I have already seen this ‘authorization’ and ‘flow chart’ already being utilized in manager. A good example is for reccuring sales invoice (income cycle) and say reccuring payslips (expense cycle) where the system (I assume as a user) creates transactions and floats them somewhere waiting for approval and posting. The system then notifies you of pending source documents pending to be issued. You then have an option of creating the source documents or discarding them.

In my opinion, the only thing that programmers need to do is inject a code that says, for example in the sales/purchase quotation, the option of “send to invoice” can be treated like the way reccuring invoice are treated. The quote creator is then notified that they don’t have permission to create an invoice and that the same has been staged pending approval from someone with authority.

The process can be replicated where on the invoice view screen, the “received payment” can consider whether one has right to edit banks/cash transaction, and they can be notified that the payment has been staged pending approval/rejection from an authorized officer.

Maintaining physical control on cash and banks is not effective if the person who may misappropriate the resources already has authority to incur expenditure. The workflow ensures the AIE holder only receives/spends money that has already been approved by those charged with management.

That said, I know Manager is meant for small businesses, and small business have only one goal, to become big, and they often do so. I don’t think you have envisioned a scenario where small companies that make it big by using Manager, can now start looking for ways to replace it. Most of many popular ERP Softwares have nothing on Manager.


Any update on this good idea?

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If there is, you will read it here.

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What is the progress on this? That is what I am asking Sir Tut.

@Tut gave you the answer, i.e. it will be posted when ready.

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I would suggest this option as a purchase order or a sale. it will be like a request but without affecting the balance. If the admin or supervisor approves, it will automatically create a transaction. If he does not approve, he just remains as a request for approval

@lubos, reminding you on this topic. Very important to we that we are using manager in larger organisations.

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