MTD (Making Tax Digital) compliance in UK

Let me know how you get on @Davide - it seems ‘staff’ have stopped replying which is a shame. Is anyone able to get their attention for an official update?

Sooner or later I’ll finish it but it will be compliant with the Italian law…

Of course, im just interested as you can imagine how do able this is and whether its the right piece of software.

Are there any more developments do you @Tut? You seem to be in the know :slight_smile:


I know absolutely nothing about MTD.

@Tut Is there anyone that might? The point im trying to get to is whether its possible for this functionality to be implemented in the software so I can buy it.

I already told you I know nothing about MTD. That includes not knowing if anyone else knows anything. I will tell you, though, that tax filing is not included in the program for any country. As I replied to another user a few months ago:

The tens of thousands (who knows, possibly millions) of businesses in the UK, using hundreds or thousands of different accounting programs, will all face the same issues. Inevitably, some method will appear for submitting data that does not require direct interface from all those accounting programs to a government portal.

Ok, so I am safe to assume that you do not want to/this will not be added to Manager? There is a government API for submitting data that is publicly available.

I am assuming you are a developer of the software?

No, I am not the developer. I am a moderator of the forum. I am a user like you. I have no control over whether any feature will be added, so my desires are irrelevant.

@tut is not the developer, @lubos is. However is up to you paying someone to connect Manager’s API to your Governament’s API. Keep in mind that probably all the API interface will change before the end of 2018.

If the problem is only of emitting invoices in XML, I think you can achieve this with a custom them as I’m doing myself for Italy.

Hi this is going back a bit. MTD for HMRC what does it mean. I have gone thru lots of online sites to see this can be submitted to HMRC vat online. I love using Managers software have been doing it for quite some years now and if possible I do not want to change or move to another software. HMRC is saying that the vat returns need to submitted to them digitally rather than logging on its portal and inputting them manually, this is being changed as inputting figures some people don’t do them right and over 2million returns are wrong, so this costing them lot of valuable hours to ratify them. The users of Manager are fully compliant with MTD as all the records are kept digitally. There is a work around For Manager software user to submit the VAT returns if software developers can added a button to convert Tax Report “VAT Calculation Worksheet” to be exported a csv file that file to be submitted to HMRC VAT. If this is possible? Digital filing need to be done from 1st April 2019.

Hi, MTD will go live in 2019. Although initially compliance is only required for businesses with a turnover of £85000, I believe everyone will need to comply soon enough. @lubos, would you consider making Manager compliant at some point before this happens? Otherwise I fear all UK Manager users will need to switch to compliant software. Thanks for a great piece of software so far.

Sorry. To clarify, as far as I understand it records will need to include customer/supplier VAT registration numbers. Maybe this could be done using custom fields?

I too would like to stay using Manager but fear I might not be able to.

According to the HMRC information, you cannot manually take information from the VAT calculation report and enter in into another spreadsheet or software for uploading to HMRC. This process has to be automatic/ digital.

I am using the MAC version of Manager and when I run the VAT Calculation Report, there is currently no option to export this data into cvs/excel format. This means I cannot take data manually from the report and use a bridging facility to get this to HMRC…which makes using Manager pointless and so a change of software will be required.

What is the plan for making this software MTD compliant…if at all?


As said there are new API coming very soon that will give instruments to everyone to develop custom plugins. @lubos promised them before the end of the year but I think they are having some delays.

Making Tax Digital is important and all the details are in the transaction report that can be exported to a spreadsheet. However, the spreadsheet then needs work to get the information as per the VAT calculation worksheet required by HMRC. Surely, if the VAT calculation worksheet can be exported this would solve the problem.

In all other aspects this is a great accounting/inventory software solution. Please aim to overcome this apparently minor issue.


HMRC seem to be asking for nothing to be done manually (there are a few exceptions, but don’t apply for the common cases) they want to stop numbers being manually inputted/copied between packages/forms. They give examples of companies using different pieces of software and says they must talk to each other digitally.

Bottom line, from April 2019, UK business with more than £85k turnover (in VAT’able goods) will no longer be able to use Manager, and from April 2020 possibly all UK businesses which are VAT registered. Of course you can ignore HMRC and copy the values from Manager and force another package to accept and submit them (possibly by creating a journal entry or similar) but it feels like this is likely to cause problems straight away, and these problems will only get greater as HMRC pushes the MTD scheme further.

I approve broadly of what HMRC is trying to achieve (making people use sensible software and not badly constructed spreadsheets full of errors) but I am not happy that it will cost businesses to buy software and also not happy things like Manager are being cut out.

Adding my voice to the list of people who would like to see Manager support submitted the VAT numbers…

Hi, I got a letter through yesterday, that we are one of the “lucky” ones who have to comply with this “only” from October 2019. So, any development that Manager would be able to integrate this, would be very much appreciated. Thanks

Hi. I’m aware that there is work ongoing in an effort to meet the UK MTD requirements and that will be much appreciated obviously. However, in the interim, Manager can still be used to meet the demands of MTD by the use of “bridging software”. I have joined the pilot scheme for VAT and successfully filed VAT returns from Manager by the use of a report exported to Excel and then through the bridging software.

However, at the minute I am having to use an export of “TaxTransactions” to complete the return whereas the far more preferable approach would be to use the “VAT Calculation Sheet”. There is, though, no way to export this to Excel at the present time.

Would it be possible, therefore, to produce the “VAT calculation Sheet” in a format that can be exported directly to Excel and thereby, at least in the short term, provide a solution to the MTD problem.


Can you confirm which bridging software you used?


The VAT calculation sheet with a csv export would be a useful addition. However another method of exportable VAT data is by clicking on the VAT Tax payable in the summary page and export the entries from there.