Additional button for create and update on sales invoice

on sales invoice page there are too many checkboxes
if i create invoice and fill line items then shows checkboxes and then create button shows
too much page scroll down
Its there possible to create button also after add line item button …becuase we can all checkboxes values set on default form

The location of Create and Update buttons is standardized across the program. Putting one where you suggest would invite users to overlook many essential inputs.

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i know but you can think another way …we had descibe you what is issue and its very sensitive for multiple invoice create
i have already set on from default setting …but still all checbox by pass and then click on save button
i know this is fantastic feature for checkbox but just issue on scroll down

You may already know this tip, but if you want to quickly scroll to the end of the page, in order to quickly press the [Create] button, use the space bar.
(If necessary, first click the mouse on a neutral place on the invoice so that no fields are active).

As far as I know, this works in Windows10 and Windows11 and Apple OS.


Nice one. I never knew this trick.

You can also use the End button on your keyboard.

The scrolling shortcuts Page down and Page up are also useful. Doesn’t matter if a field is active.

In as much as the suggestion will help to get to the end of the page. It will help if the moment one start scrolling downward the Create and Create & add another buttons to float on top. something like attached below.

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The idea from @Panashe_Mlambo is very good.

It makes the long scroll down redundant because the checkboxes are usually default setups and on very rare occasions modified during a Create or Update/Delete process.

In fact these checkboxes can be hidden in a collapsible frame to shorten the distance to the action buttons further more.