Money withheld catagories


I have 2 accounts. One Operating and one Saver to hold money for Super, PAYG and GST purpose which I pay quarterly. How can I transfer money from the Operating account to the Saver account and keep a track of a running total for each category in the summary? I tried using Assets but I can only add to that by paying out of the Saver account. Thoughts? Steve


Those two accounts are bank accounts, right? Then create them both as bank accounts under “Bank Accounts” tab.

To transfer money between two bank accounts, there are two ways

  • Go to “Bank Accounts” tab, then click on bank account you want to
    transfer money from, then click “Actions” button, then select
  • Create general ledger account in Chart of Accounts called
    "Intra-company transfers" and use this account to categorize any
    transfers between your bank accounts

Usually you would go with option #1 but if you are importing your bank statements, #2 might be more appropriate.