Missing data when printing receipts

I have imported all transactions from PayPal to “Bank Account” of the software.

Its nice because it generates automatically all receipts. All I have to do is just to categorize them.

The deal is all receipts are already filled out (name, date, reference id, description) and here when I categorize it as “Inventory Sales” I pick product and here software fill out Description field (name of the product) automatically (which is GOOD).

NOW - I have 2 fields called “Description” one from IMPORT second one Product Name. I want to show both “Description” fields when printing receipts but is showing only Product Name field only.
When I click edit I have all the time 2 descriptions fields, when I click View is showing only Product Name.

I want to show this IMPORTED field “Description” on the receipt in different position above the table.

I believe that the developer will be fixing this. I have a similar issue with delivery notes also not showing all the relevant information. Receipts and delivery notes formats seem to be quite similar so I expect that when the developer is finished with control accounts and other things on his roadtrack that he will sort out missing fields on delivery notes and receipts.

Check the latest version, it has been resolved.