Miscellaneous Charge/Tax in percentage

I am a self-employed lawyer. 15% of any incoming remittance is deducted by my bank.

How do I charge 15% on the total invoice amount as Miscellaneous Charge?

Further explanation: In all the incoming remittance bank in addition to the Bank Charge also deducts 15% to be paid to the Tax Authority on my behalf. I want to charge this 15% on top of the total invoice amount from my foreign clients.

My first step would be to get a different bank.

Seriously, though, you need to explain a representative transaction in detail. Who pays? Who receives? What is the purpose of the 15%? Who gets the 15% in the end? The answer will depend on the circumstances.

I receive money from my clients abroad. The bank deducts 15% and pays to the tax authority. I charge this 15% from all my clients as Miscellaneous Charge. Now I just want to charge that in the invoice. My question is how can I add in all my invoices 15% of the total invoice value as miscellaneous charge.

I want to get the money in my invoice.

More questions:

  • What is the nature of the 15% tax? Is it a value added tax on the services provided? If so, is it reverse charged VAT? Or is it some type of withholding tax collected against income tax that will be owed and paid in the future?
  • What exactly is the role of the bank? Is the bank acting as a provider of international banking services when it deducts this tax? In other words, are the bank’s services being taxed? Or is it acting only as the agent of the government, collecting tax on a service you furnish to someone outside the country?
  • What type of documentation does the bank furnish to you and the tax authority? What is reported as having been taxed?
  • If you add a 15% miscellaneous charge to a sales invoice (based on the other services listed), is that line item subject to the 15% deduction also?